"I was embarrassed  on a date with a new guy, after a fresh wash & press, my hair begin to smell like feet! I promised myself NEVER AGAIN"!

Pretty interesting storyline into our brand. This is why we're here … because of my personal journey to find quality human hair.

With so much deception in the hair industry, its hard to find real virgin hair. Many international suppliers collect rubbish left behind from floors, brushes, etc., process the remains & add fillers for bulk … then label it VIRGIN hair. In reality, they are selling non-remy assorted hairs thats acid washed, bathed in silicone, and blended with assortments from synthetic fillers to animal hair. The reality comes after several washes when the hair starts to regress and dry out noticeably. These are the practices of China/AliExpress suppliers, whom you’ve come to know as _ (insert 95% of hair companies here).

Frustrated with this reality, we sought out to source authentic virgin hair. We spent a solid year sampling hair from factories throughout India testing their hair quality. Over 3k was wasted on samples that just did not meet our standards. In the end, we came out with a few exporters who's quality was consistent and true. Our hair is sourced directly from Southern India, through a process known as Tonsuring, where men and women donate their hair as a religious sacrifice. The donated hair becomes property of the temple, who sell these hairs to manufacturers, who then sell these hairs to us. 100% unprocessed AUTHENTIC RAW DONOR HAIR that will last years with proper care.

Our brand is for those who seek AUTHENTIC raw Indian hair, and not just the ILLUSION of good hair, thru processing & alterations that prove after several washes and extended wear "it just don't work".