Are you taking proper care of your hair?

It is important to note that Authentic Raw Indian Donor Hair is offered in its natural state, therefore, proper care is essential and highly suggested to maintain and preserve the quality of your hair/investment. Below are a few important tips.

    • Upon receipt you should co-cleanse and condition your hair. A clarifying or conditioning (sulfate-free) cleanser is suggested. Be very careful not to OVER cleanse, as shampoo can be drying (you can also opt for a condition wash). Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner where you can be liberal with product at this stage. Let conditioner sit for 5-10 minutes.
    • Rinse your hair in cool clean water, dry with a clean cotton T-shirt to prevent static, scrunch the hair to activate pattern, and allow to air dry. Avoid using a blow dryer if possible.
    • Sealing your wefts is optional, and will help prevent shedding (aside from normal hair fall) from product use and styling.
    • Avoid piercing through, or sewing into your wefts. It is best to use the loop method for installations. If your tracks are cut/pierced at any point, the weft becomes weakened and shedding can occur. If your weft is cut a sealer is HIGHLY suggested to help minimize shedding.
    • Use minimal products and prevent product build up as this can cause tangling, which can lead to shedding from constant detangling.
    • A heat protectant is recommended whenever heat styling is desired. Minimal heat, or no heat at all is suggested to maintain your natural texture, as heat can change your hair pattern overtime. 
    • Be careful with brushes as they can help tear hair from the weft. Opt for paddle brushes and wide teeth combs. Work your way from the bottom up, being careful around the weft.
    • Sleep in a satin or silk headscarf/bonnet/pillowcase etc., to prevent snags and dry-out. Avoid direct contact with a cotton pillowcase if at all possible.
    • Braid, twist, or pineapple your hair at night and cover with a bonnet etc., try not to sleep on loose hair. This will also help define your wave/curl pattern and prevent tangles.
    • Conditioning and deep conditioning for hydration is suggested. Also, if you don't have product buildup opt for a condition wash instead of shampoo.
    • For older bundles (color damaged and/or improper care), cleanse with minimal shampoo, deep condition, and place in a plastic bag. Place plastic bag in the microwave for 1 min. Let it stand for 5 additional mins and rinse as described above. Be sure to use a leave-in conditioner. 
    • TRESemme & it's a 10 leave-in ... great options.  
    • * PROTIP a 5 minute condition boil - a pot with boiling water & conditioner will refresh unkept bundles. The snapback you can achieve with authentic unprocessed hair is priceless:)