Remy Mod Collection (coming soon)

Remy Mod Collection (coming soon)

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Our budget-friendly alternative to "raw Indian hair" ... The REMY Mod Collection! Superior to most hair companies on the market, this collection will be your go to for all your temporary styling needs. Our Remy bundles are made up of multiple donors and may have undergone steam & chemical processing in selected textures. Stream processing, when perfected, allows for long-lasting identical bundles.

Our Remy bundles can be heat-styled and chemically processed as normal. Extra care and consideration should be paid to bundles chemically processed, as it will lessen the life of the hair. Our bundles will last you upwards of 1 year with proper care.

This new collection will be your go to for quickweaves & caps. Achieving BONE STRAIGHT, LAYERED STYLING & BOBS will be perfected due to the weight of the hair! 

*PLEASE BE ADVISED- This collection is not our raw staple, instead these bundles have undergone processing, and is intended for short term use- upwards of 1 year. If you are looking for our premium Raw Indian Hair please click here.

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